Busy Allotment Day!

I had a super productive day on the allotment yesterday.  The plot is really starting to look good now even if I do say so myself!  My mum came up for the day to help and we managed to get a lot of jobs done (thanks Mum!).  Here’s just a few of them:


Flower Bed 19th May

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Time For Planting

Finally, some warmer weather!  After all the rain we had last week I’m hoping to see a lot of growth happening on the plot especially with all the sunshine we’re predicted this week.

May 12th

At the weekend, I planted out a lot of my seedlings that I’ve been hardening off in the full-of-holes plastic greenhouse. It’s exciting to see brown soil being replaced with greenery! Continue reading “Time For Planting”

May Sowing

Is May the busiest time for sowing?  I think it might be.  There are a lot of plants that are too tender to sow before May outside and even sowing inside you have to be careful they don’t get too big before you’re ready to plant outside.

Its been very unseasonably cold this last week for most of the UK with a lot of places waking up to a frost.  Mid-May is the last frost date around here (you can look yours up here if you don’t know), but looking at the weather, while its not warm I think it’s highly unlikely we’ll get another hard frost so I’m going to cautiously harden off a few plants that I’ve grown on my windowsill this week and put them in the plot next weekend.

DSC_3751Beans in the Greenhouse

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National Gardening Week

It is National Gardening Week this week (29th April to May 5th) and this years theme is Edible Britain.  A theme I can definitely get behind!  I thought I’d join in by sharing some pictures and updates from my little piece of edible Britain.  We’re nearly at the end of the month and it’s been a very busy time on the plot!  With the sunshine and warmer temperatures, things have slowly been growing greener on the plot and I even have some flowers!

April 28th

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A Bustling Windowsill

One of my goals this year is to be a little better at sowing successionally and both avoid gluts and hungry gaps (like when all my spinach decided to bolt in the summer heat last year).   This means being better at sowing less but more often.  I try to sow as much as I can directly as even on my sunniest windowsill seedlings can end up slightly leggy but its been quite cold up until this week so nothing I’ve sown directly has been germinating.  So my windowsills are full of seed trays and seedlings!

Does anyone else still get excited when they see the first little sign of a shoot poking out from the soil?  I love getting home from work and seeing what was just the tiniest hint of green has turned into a healthy new seedling.

Windowsill Peas
Peas (Kelvedon Wonder)

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