Allotment Progress Pictures May Edition

A month sure does go quickly!  This is how the allotment has changed during May.  The first picture was taken on the 1st of May and the last on the 29th of May.

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It’s good to see there’s a lot more green now!  It was a cold start to the month but things are really getting going now the temperature has risen and we’ve had some fabulous sunshine.  In fact, my strawberries have finished teasing me with their ripeness and I enjoyed a tasty bowl of them at the weekend.  Yum!

First Batch Strawberries


Allotment Progress Pictures

One of my plans for this year is to take pictures of my allotment from the same point on a regular basis.  I thought it would neat to see how the plot changes and grows over time.  Plus, its a real boost for the days where you don’t feel like you’ve achieved much to see where you started from because sometimes you just don’t realise how far you’ve come until you look back.

This is April’s gallery, the first picture was taken on the 8th of April and the final one was  last weekend, the 23rd of April.  A lot of structural changes this month!

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