Propagating Rosemary – The Result

You may remember I started an experiment a few weeks ago to propagate Rosemary with half my cuttings in a soil/perlite mix and half in water.  Today, I potted on the ones that had taken.

DSC_3762Rosemary Roots

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Propagating Rosemary – The Experiment

Towards the start of April, I propagated some Rosemary to replace my very woody 5 year old Rosemary bush on the allotment.

If you’ve never tried to propagate Rosemary, its really very easy!  Simply take a cutting around 4-5 inches long, strip off the bottom leaves until you’re left with just a few and put the end in either soil or water.  Make sure you take plenty of cuttings as some won’t take.  If you’re trying the water method, replace the water every few days.

I figured I’d hedge my bets and put four sprigs in a mixture of soil and perlite and five sprigs in just water.  I’m curious to see which method will produce the best results.  It will take between 4-8 weeks to see if any survive and take root, so stay tuned for an update next month!

Propagating Rosemary WaterPropagating Rosemary Soil


Restoring Herb Order Part 1

My herb bed has gotten a little unruly. While its lovely to see the herbs doing so well both the sage and lavender are huge and smothering the chamomile, the Rosemary is getting too big and woody , I have two fennel plants (one dead, one self seeded in the wrong place) and it just generally needs a good weed and tidy.


I tried to move the self seeded Fennel to replace the dead one, but unfortunately, I should have moved it sooner.  It self seeded last year and the tap root had already grown too long so it snapped as I was trying to extricate it.  I’m going to replace it with dill instead as I’m planning on growing Florence Fennel as a vegetable elsewhere on the plot so I’ll still have some if needed.

Then I found a surprise in my Rosemary bush!


A blackbird had taken up residence some time over the winter and laid some eggs.  Sadly, as you can see, they didn’t survive but its nice to think the allotment provided some shelter even if was only for a little while.

I’ve taken cuttings to propagate some Rosemary this year.  Pruning is not a skill I’m particularly good at and it has gotten so very woody.  I’ll probably dig it up once I have some new Rosemary to replace it.

And… that’s as far as I got, part 2 to follow.  I ran my first half marathon on Sunday so didn’t get back to the allotment to finish the herb bed.  My time was 2:02:06 which I’m very happy with; my legs not so much!


Refreshing the Herbs

One of the favourite parts of my allotment is my herb bed, partly because I have fresh herbs all year round and also because its established and low maintenance.

I recently found a picture of what it looked like in July 2015.

Herbs 2015(From the top; sage, fennel, thyme, parsley x2, bay, parsley, rosemary, chive, marjoram and dill.)

Fast forward to 2017 and you can really see how they’ve started to fill out the bed, the rosemary is huge!  It’s also evolved to include a few new herbs.

DSC_3450(From the top right; sage, fennel, thyme, curly parsley, mint basil, bay, coriander, rosemary and hiding behind the rosemary are chives, marjoram, flat leaf parsley and lavender.)

Thankfully, I didn’t have to do much to refresh the herb bed this year, just a bit of pruning and planting some fresh parsley plants.  I thought the original white planters from 2015 were looking tired and getting grubby but rather than replace them I bought a few pots of tester paint (£1 a pot from Wilko in Boathouse Blue), and spruced them up.  They look so much better now and the blue looks great against the deep green/purple of the mint basil which is just starting to come back after dying down for the winter.


And in other news, I thinned out my spinach today and came away with the first crop of the year!  Spinach Crop