Thanks for visiting 99 stitches!

My name is Annika and 99 stitches is a blog about my adventures in knitting, sewing and allotmenteering (which is a word, I looked it up).

I’m an experienced knitter and an intermediate (but enthusiastic!) sewist.  I’ve been knitting since I can remember and its my passion, I love to create my own designs and tweak patterns to create the perfect fit.  A lot of my sewing and knitting tools I’ve inherited from my grandmothers or I’ve picked up from vintage fairs and charity shops and I love that connection to my past.

I’ve had my allotment (on Plot 99) since January 2015 and so my journey as a gardener has only just begun.  I’ve got a lot to learn but I’m having fun doing it, not to mention the delicious meals you only get with fresh, organic produce.

And one day, I hope to use the word allotmenteering in a scrabble game against my brother.  Hopefully, on a triple word score.


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