Chelsea Inspiration

I’ve been watching Gardener’s World, mainly to try to glean some fruit and vegetable tips from Monty Don, but I’ve found that I’ve been watching more and more of the rest of the show.  So this year, I decided to watch the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for the first time.

One of the bits I especially enjoyed was the BBC Radio 2 Feel Good Gardens, which are five gardens designed around the five senses; taste, touch, smell, sound and sight.  They felt far more accessible than the impressive show gardens, after all I already have a taste garden!

The Jo Whiley Scent Garden inspired me to think about the scents I have on my allotment.   I have a wonderful selection of herbs and I grow sweet peas every year which have been very successful and fill not only my allotment but my home with their scent.

Sweet peaSweet Peas 2016

So to add to this I bought a Jasminum officinale at the weekend, the variety is Clotted Cream and it was grown locally.  Jasmine is at its most fragrant in the evening and since I’m often at my plot in the evening after work to water I thought it was a good choice.  Plus, when I’m not drinking coffee I’m drinking Jasmine green tea so it’s in keeping with my rule of using edible flowers on the plot.  (Although I’m not planning to make Jasmine tea!)


Next job: creating an arch for it to grow up…


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