Pumpkin Delight

I brought this delightful vegetable home from allotment.


It’s such a lovely pumpkin.  I’m quite pleased considering it’s the first time I’ve tried growing pumpkins.  They’re definitely going on the list of ‘Things to Grow’ for next year.  I think I might have a go one or two other varieties of squashes as well.

The orange beauty is 5.5kg.  So far it’s made two batches of Pumpkin Soup, a Pumpkin Risotto and a Pumpkin and Raison tea loaf from River Cottage Veg Every Day, which was lovely and very tasty (you can find the recipe here if you don’t have access to the book).  It’s one I’m planning to make again but with beetroot instead of pumpkin as that is supposed to create a purple marble effect in the cake which sounds fun.

I’ve still got about a quarter of the pumpkin left, not to mention the two other pumpkins still on the allotment and seven butternut squashes…

Any squash recipe ideas?


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