Broccoli – Old & New

In with the new…


I’m growing a summer purple sprouting variety.  I’m starting it indoors, along with a few other seeds as I’m desperate to start sowing stuff but common sense is telling me that it’s still too cold to sow outside for most things.

And I’d say out with the old, but I’ve still got plenty of broccoli growing on the plot.


I’m not sure of the exact variety as they were donated to me, but I know they’re a white sprouting variety which takes around 44 weeks to crop.  For ages I thought it was a failed crop but I left it in as it was keeping the weeds down.  I didn’t realise that they had such a long growing period!

I’m enjoying eating something fresh at a time of year when I don’t have anything to harvest on the plot besides herbs but I need to find more interesting ways of cooking it other than boiling or steaming.  Otherwise, my freezer will soon be full of broccoli!

In other news, I finished the top I started last Monday.  Pictures to come soon!



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