A Busy Month

I thought it was time for an update on the plot.  After a LOT of rain last week (if you’re not in the UK we had the average rainfall for the entire month in just a few days, it was wet), its lovely to see the sun out this week.  Unfortunately, as always when I don’t get on the plot for a bit the weeds think its permission to take over but my parents came over at the weekend and helped me get it back on track.  The last time I posted in May, it looked like this:

May 12th

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Busy Allotment Day!

I had a super productive day on the allotment yesterday.  The plot is really starting to look good now even if I do say so myself!  My mum came up for the day to help and we managed to get a lot of jobs done (thanks Mum!).  Here’s just a few of them:


Flower Bed 19th May

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Guess the Seedling

Way back in mid-April I sowed some flower seeds in my new flower bed.  One was California Poppies and one was a pack labelled simply as ‘Butterfly Mix’ with no further information as to what plants are included.  So, I did say there would be a round of guess the seedling happening!  Are you ready?

It’s been a bit tricky weeding them, I’m fairly certain these are all flower seedlings but it wouldn’t surprise me if a weed or two has creeped in!  I googled ‘California Poppies seedlings’ and none seem to match any of these so I’m not sure what happened to those  ones.  I’ve also googled some flowers I think they might be, but with very little luck!

Seed Packet

Can you help?

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May Sowing

Is May the busiest time for sowing?  I think it might be.  There are a lot of plants that are too tender to sow before May outside and even sowing inside you have to be careful they don’t get too big before you’re ready to plant outside.

Its been very unseasonably cold this last week for most of the UK with a lot of places waking up to a frost.  Mid-May is the last frost date around here (you can look yours up here if you don’t know), but looking at the weather, while its not warm I think it’s highly unlikely we’ll get another hard frost so I’m going to cautiously harden off a few plants that I’ve grown on my windowsill this week and put them in the plot next weekend.

DSC_3751Beans in the Greenhouse

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